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Archives-Conseil is at your service for the archiving, removal, digitisation and destruction of private or professional documents.



Optimizing Records Management for Law Firms: Solutions and Best Practices

Records management is an essential component of law firm legal practice. Between contracts, correspondence, litigation files and administrative documents, the amount of information to manage can be overwhelming. Additionally, the confidential nature of legal data requires special attention to security and regulatory compliance.


Your Obligations Regarding Confidential and Sensitive Archives in Belgium

Managing confidential and sensitive records is crucial for many organizations in Belgium, whether law firms, businesses, government institutions or non-profit organizations. Protecting this information is essential not only to preserve customer confidentiality and the company's reputation, but also to comply with strict Belgian legal obligations regarding data protection.

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Operating since 1981, Archives-Conseil’s team consists out of qualified and professional workers who archive and process all your confidential documents.

Experience, know-how and mastery of the latest technologies are our greatest assets.


Archiving documents

We come to collect your documents in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Destruction of documents

Whether your request is based on a "One shot" collection or on the basis of a regular passage, we are at your disposal.

Digitisation of documents

Experienced and competent, we scan all types of documents.

Recycling of computer equipment

Our teams are responsible for dismantling and destroying your computer equipment.

Paper shredder rental

Destroy your documents with our paper shredders available for rent.

Storage of materials and goods

Individual or professional, store your equipment or goods at Archives Conseil.


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We specialise in archiving services for a wide variety of clients nationally and internationally.


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