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Destruction of confidential private or business documents

Located in Brussels for the past 40 years, we destroy archives, papers and documents of all types and on all media in Belgium, France, Holland and Luxembourg.

We serve SMEs, companies and individuals for the destruction of confidential documents and also work for banks, hospitals, law firms, insurance companies, architects, laboratories, etc.

Whether your request is based on a “one shot” removal or on a regular basis, we are at your disposal.

Pick-up from you or from us!

We take care of your paper documents as well as your CDs, diskettes, VHS, X-rays, tracings etc. This service is based on several concepts.

Destruction & recycling of archives/documents in stock on our premises: Your documents outsourced to us reach the end of their life, we can destroy them. At the end of the procedure a certificate of destruction/recycling is issued.

Destruction & recycling of archives/documents on your premises: The documents are on your premises. There are several possibilities:

The “one shot”: We schedule a visit, our drivers take care of the handling and come to take the documents where they are (cellar, attic, etc). So you don’t have to prepare everything on the ground floor. They collect, load and transport the documents to the processing centre. Your documents are shredded, compacted and recycled. At the time of collection, our teams give you a collection voucher and at the end of the procedure a certificate is issued.

Regular sorting: For reasons of confidentiality, you do not want to throw away your documents just anywhere. We can provide you with collection equipment (sealed or unsealed wheelie bins, secure sorting consoles or collection bins). This material remains at your home and we determine together how often you want to empty it (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. or on your request). The procedure is then the same as for the “One Shot”.


We follow European recycling standards and do not consider your documents as waste but as raw materials. The confetti, which is the result of shredding, will be recycled to make paper again!

“It takes 17 trees to make 1 tonne of paper. It takes 17 trees to make 1 tonne of paper, but with 1.1 tonnes of ‘used’ paper, we can produce 1 tonne of recycled paper.

“Paper can be recycled 5 times, beyond that the fibres lose their strength and tear.


40 years of experience

International competences

Complete flexibility

Full range of services

Excellent infrastructures



Archiving documents

We come to collect your documents in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Digitisation of documents

Experienced and competent, we scan all types of documents.

Recycling of computer equipment

Our teams are responsible for dismantling and destroying your computer equipment.

Recycling and destruction of office equipment

Our teams take care of the recycling and destruction of your office equipment.

Paper shredder rental

Destroy your documents with our paper shredders available for rent.

Storage of materials and goods

Individual or professional, store your equipment or goods at Archives Conseil.