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Administrative Phobia: When Procrastination Becomes a Problem

For some people, the mere mention of administrative tasks can trigger feelings of anxiety and unease. This tendency to indefinitely postpone administrative procedures, known as "administrative phobia", may seem harmless at first glance. However, it can have harmful consequences on the daily life and mental health of those who suffer from it.

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Digitalization: Accounting Revolution for Businesses

In the constantly evolving business world, digitalization presents itself as a major catalyst for transformation. For businesses, the transition from paper to digital has become a necessity to remain competitive in a constantly changing environment. But how does digitalization specifically impact the field of accounting? Let's discover together the advantages and opportunities it offers.


Brussels: accounting archives finally cleared of clutter!

Good news for Brussels archivists! After years of lobbying, the retention period for books and accounting vouchers has been reduced from 30 to 10 years. This decision, made official by the government of the Brussels-Capital Region, will free up kilometers of storage space and simplify archive management.

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Digitization for Accounting Firms: Transforming Financial Management for Greater Efficiency

In the world of accounting, efficiency and accuracy are key to business success. However, paper-based document management and manual processes can hamper productivity and increase the risk of errors. That's where digitization comes in, an innovative solution that is revolutionizing the way accounting firms operate and deliver their services. In this article, we explore how digitization is transforming the practice of accountancy, delivering significant benefits to both firms and their clients.

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Understanding administrative phobia

Administrative phobia, often overlooked but very real, is an anxiety disorder manifested by an intense, irrational fear of administrative and bureaucratic tasks. For those affected, completing simple administrative tasks can trigger severe symptoms of anxiety, ranging from panic to complete paralysis. This condition can have serious consequences for the daily and professional lives of sufferers.


Optimizing Records Management for Law Firms: Solutions and Best Practices

Records management is an essential component of law firm legal practice. Between contracts, correspondence, litigation files and administrative documents, the amount of information to manage can be overwhelming. Additionally, the confidential nature of legal data requires special attention to security and regulatory compliance.


Your Obligations Regarding Confidential and Sensitive Archives in Belgium

Managing confidential and sensitive records is crucial for many organizations in Belgium, whether law firms, businesses, government institutions or non-profit organizations. Protecting this information is essential not only to preserve customer confidentiality and the company's reputation, but also to comply with strict Belgian legal obligations regarding data protection.


How to avoid document overload?

Document archiving is a crucial practice for many businesses, government organizations and institutions. Retaining critical records is essential for legal compliance, information management, and preserving the entity's history. However, it is equally important to recognize the risks associated with over-archiving.


How long for the archiving of personal documents?

Did you know ? Certain documents in your possession must legally remain in your possession for a certain number of years, or even for life. No offense to Marie Kondō or other fans of empty storage, there is indeed an irreducible box of archives that you will need to keep in a safe and dry place in your home. The experts at Archives Conseil help you draw up a list of documents that must be there.

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What are the environmental benefits of recycling paper and cardboard?

No need to remind you (well, we hope so): there is no planet B! However, the depletion of natural resources and global warming of our beautiful Earth are progressing well. It is high time to reverse the trend and it starts with small everyday actions such as recycling paper and cardboard instead of throwing them in the general trash or, worse, burning them.


Archivist, a multi-faceted profession

Did you know ? Regardless of prejudices and the collective imagination, an archivist is not necessarily this person who is hunched over and as dusty as the boxes she pushes on a cart whose wheels squeak in the back of a room with dim lights. . No ! An archivist is even a pretty cool person who has several very useful skills to carry out this multifaceted function! We explain…


Why do we keep archives, by the way?

We always talk about document conservation and your company has had its archive room since its creation, but have you ever wondered why archiving documents is useful and wise? Archives Conseil experts answer this question.


Layout of your archive room: some expert advice

Are you planning to create a new archive room or carry out some renovation work in your current archive room? To ensure proper preservation of documents, the layout of your archive premises must respect certain rules that the experts at Archives Conseil help you to keep in mind.


Moving your archives – a matter of organization

Is your company moving or are you planning to carry out renovation work which will also impact your archiving premises? Do not panic ! It's all a question of organization. Proper preparation for moving your archives is a guarantee of preserving the physical integrity of your documents and your peace of mind. The experts at Archives Conseil help you draw up a concrete plan of attack!

Document digitalization

The pros and cons of scanning your documents

Digitization is a process that aims to convert paper archives into digital files. This trendy process allows companies to save time, space and money by automating document management. Yet questions remain: what is the digitization process? What is its impact on the ecology? Answers in this article.

Destruction of archives

Destruction of documents: why call on an external company?

Once the legal retention periods have passed, it's time to clean up your paper or digital archives! If you don't have the time or inclination to engage in this time-consuming exercise, call us: Archives Conseil takes over. And with the utmost professionalism, to treat your archives with the utmost confidentiality. Find out today how we go about it and the challenges of recycling your paper archives.


Archiving: why call on a specialized external company?

Are you thinking of using a service provider specializing in paper archiving? Law firms, insurance companies or health care establishments… Many clients benefit from our services and no longer have to worry about their archiving. Whether their archives are alive, semi-alive or dead, we travel to Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg to remove all their papers to be kept and store them physically or digitally. Find out why they call on Archives Conseil!

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Digitization: guaranteeing the security and compliance of your archives

Digitization is an unprecedented revolution for companies. It helps you move from paper archives to digital archives. For what result? You allocate your resources more wisely, for the real needs of your business, safer and more efficient processes, not to mention the gain in efficiency and productivity. But can Archives Conseil guarantee its clients the security and compliance of the files? Certainly. This blog post will prove it to you.

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Archives Conseil is involved in reducing the ecological impact

The protection of the environment and the reduction of the ecological impact are pillars of the policy of Archives Conseil. Our family business, on a human scale, with 40 years of experience in the field of legal archiving and archiving management, is committed to the environmental fight at every stage of its activities. This blog post tells you how we strive, day after day, to make this world a little greener.

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How long should patients’ medical documents be kept?

Are you a liberal doctor or work in a hospital setting and are you looking for solutions for filing and archiving your patients' medical records? Archives Conseil answers your questions and offers you a solution for storage, archiving and even, once the legal deadline has passed, destruction of your medical archives.

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Destruction of archives

How and in what cases should archives be destroyed?

Whether you are at the head of a large company, doctor, HR, mechanic or even a private individual, the secure destruction of confidential papers is a precautionary principle to be observed. Dumpster diving remains the main source of information for identity thieves, industrial spies and hackers. The destruction of your archives and your confidential papers is therefore a crucial condition for your security. Do not neglect it. In addition to these basic security reasons, the destruction of your archives and other professional papers will allow you to save storage space. Is the legal deadline for keeping your archives respected? Do not store them unnecessarily.

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The importance of good archiving of documents in business: legal, economic and security issues

The archiving of documents within a company is a crucial management and organizational point that raises many questions. What papers to keep, what are the laws on document archiving, how to manage archiving with probative value, should we outsource the archiving of business or personal documents and call on an archivist? In this blog, we highlight the challenges of a good archiving of documents in a company.

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What storage conditions for archives must be respected?

Did you know ? 50% of companies file for bankruptcy within 5 years after a total accidental loss of information. A number that makes you want to take care of your archived business documents, right? And if you like statistics, there are others: 35% of a company's documents cannot be found or are unusable, 40 to 70% of a worker's time in the tertiary sector is devoted to document management, and storing and managing the archiving internally costs 3 times more than externally… Other good reasons to think about the storage conditions and the efficiency of your archiving system, right?

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ArchivingDocument digitalization

What is the legal value of digital archives?

Digital archiving is popular. Document dematerialization with a "zero paper" perspective is an ambition for many companies. But be careful, can we digitize the archives and destroy the paper copies as we see fit? Do the electronic archives thus obtained have the same legal value as physical documents? Let’s go back to the advantages and disadvantages of archiving, whether physical or digital.