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About us

Since 1981, the team of Archives-Conseil is composed of qualified and professional collaborators for the archiving and the treatment of all confidential documents.

Experience, know-how and mastery of the latest techniques are our main strengths. At the service of private individuals, but also of SMEs, lawyers, hospitals, financial institutions, notaries, insurance companies, etc… We move everywhere in Belgium but also in France, Holland and Luxembourg to take delivery of your archives to be treated.

Why should you trust us?

Excellent infrastructures

  • 8 storage sites, strategically located in and around Brussels.
  • Infrastructures adapted to the conservation of all types of archives, whatever the container. Communal boxes, moving boxes, square boxes, with or without cover, etc.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructures & all protected by an anti-intrusion system.
    Our centers are protected against fire with smoke detectors, heat detectors, fire extinguishers and hydrants. All of our facilities are monitored for humidity and heat. Structures, anti-intrusion systems and fire systems are regularly tested and verified by an external company to guarantee total objectivity.

Full range of services

  • Archiving, digitization and destruction of even confidential documents
  • Recycling of computer equipment
  • Shredder rental
  • Storage of material and goods
  • Provision of destruction bins and sorting consoles

40 years of experience

For 40 years, Archives Conseil has put its know-how at the service of individuals and professionals. Thanks to our experience, we can give you precise and accurate estimates.

Our small, but professional and specialized team reduces our charges, to your benefit. Moreover, we apply :

  • transparent pricing, adapted to the task: à la carte prices, fixed and without surprises according to the service offered (container, labor, transport, etc.),
  • without unnecessary costs thanks to a voluntarily simple archiving system but with proven efficiency as well as an unsophisticated but efficient and functional equipment.

Total flexibility

  • We start exactly where you leave off. Your teams can do some of the work, such as boxing up archives. We take over the rest.
  • We provide free advice and direct start-up assistance if you take over the first steps of your archiving.
  • Your archives can be consulted at any time upon request by e-mail. You choose the delivery time for your documents (normal or urgent) and the return method (physical or scanned). Our delivery service is available from Monday to Friday from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm (physical return or scan). For physical returns, 3 possible delays:
    • Normal 24 hours
    • Urgent 12h00 working hours
    • Extremely urgent 6h00 working hours
  • Our drivers take care of the handling and come to take the documents where they are (cellar, attic, etc). You don’t have to prepare everything on the first floor. They collect, load and transport the documents from your premises.

International competences

We are active in Belgium, France, Holland and Luxembourg!

It is up to Archives Conseil to adapt to the client and not for the client to alter its working methods

Jacques A. Simon

founder of Archives Conseil