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Enjoy the benefits of a professional shredder!

Shred your documents with our paper shredders available for hire. This service includes the placement, maintenance, disposal and recycling of the strips.

Active in Belgium, France, Holland and Luxembourg, we offer you quality service and equipment!


40 years of experience

International competences

Complete flexibility

Full range of services

Excellent infrastructures


Jacques A. Simon

founder of Archives Conseil

It is up to archives conseil to adapt to the client and not for the client to alter its working methods


Archiving documents

We come to collect your documents in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Destruction of documents

Whether your request is based on a "One shot" collection or on the basis of a regular passage, we are at your disposal.

Digitisation of documents

Experienced and competent, we scan all types of documents.

Recycling and destruction of office equipment

Our teams take care of the recycling and destruction of your office equipment.

Recycling of computer equipment

Our teams are responsible for dismantling and destroying your computer equipment.

Storage of materials and goods

Individual or professional, store your equipment or goods at Archives Conseil.