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Plastic disposal bins

The bins are available either permanently at your premises or in “one shot” mode during a major clean-up or move. They can be sealed to collect confidential documents or unsealed for more “common” documents.

Bins of different sizes and capacities available

We can collect them on a fixed day or on demand. We have different sizes and capacities available: 80L, 120L, 240L. Equipped with 2 wheels, they can be easily moved around your premises to be placed where you need them.

Whichever option you choose, the filling can be done by you or by our teams.

Reference W x D x H (cm) Features Prices
Type 1m³ 120 x 80 x 100 = ±1m3 Collection bin designed for larger volumes. They are moved by means of a pallet truck. Upon request
Type (sealed or unsealed) 360 x 292 x 575 = 120 litres
720 x 585 x 1150 = 240 litres
Upon request
Container 30m³ Specially adapted to very large volumes and often used in “one shot”. It is placed in your premises: car park, warehouse or on the road. Upon request

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