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Scanning of confidential or private documents

Our world is becoming increasingly digital. Whether you want to digitise 1 document, a folder or 1000 folders, our digitisation service is at your disposal. The possibilities are almost endless, and every project receives special attention from our scanning teams.

For all services related to the digitisation of archives, we offer competitive rates in Belgium, France, Holland and Luxembourg.

Archives Conseil, your expert for the digitalisation of your documents.

Digitalisation is about helping you to move from a paper-based process to a digital process. Thanks to this, you will use your resources for the real needs of your company, your processes will be more secure, more efficient, you will gain in efficiency and productivity.

Together with you, we will draw up a work plan, paying particular attention to the indexing part (naming of files). We always recommend a test phase.

Our drivers come to your premises, pick up your documents and transport them to the scanning centre. The encoders take over. Once the files have been created, several options are possible: storage in our cloud or reinjection via USB key or hard disk into your servers. Your physical documents can either be returned to our storage areas, or destroyed.

We work with you to ensure that the files we deliver meet your expectations as closely as possible.

We are able to process all types of documents, from A8 to A0, on standard paper or tracing paper. We can also process framed documents (this service includes removing the frame and putting it back into care after processing) whether or not they are on rigid media.

In the majority of cases, we create “A” type PDF files, i.e. not modifiable, in order to guarantee the security and conformity of the documents, but we are able to create other types of files: TIFF, JPEG, etc. As for the resolution, we mainly work in 150DPI but can go up to 600.


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New service available :

Data extraction from hard disk.

Whether your archives are active, semi-active or inactive, if you no longer have room to store them on your premises or if you do not have the time to devote to managing your documents, our archiving/outsourcing service is at your service. Our techniques allow us to store your documents physically or digitally.

We can pick up your documents in Belgium, Northern France, Holland and Luxembourg.


Archiving documents

We come to collect your documents in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Destruction of documents

Whether your request is based on a "One shot" collection or on the basis of a regular passage, we are at your disposal.

Recycling of computer equipment

Our teams are responsible for dismantling and destroying your computer equipment.

Recycling and destruction of office equipment

Our teams take care of the recycling and destruction of your office equipment.

Paper shredder rental

Destroy your documents with our paper shredders available for rent.

Storage of materials and goods

Individual or professional, store your equipment or goods at Archives Conseil.