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Entrust the archiving of your documents to a professional

Whether your archives are active, semi-active or inactive, if you no longer have room to store them on your premises or if you do not have the time to devote to managing your documents, our archiving/outsourcing service is at your service. Our techniques allow us to store your documents physically or digitally.

We come to collect your documents in Belgium, France, Holland and Luxembourg.

Whether your documents are active, semi-active or inactive, they remain permanently accessible.

Visit our premises for consultation with provision of a work area or for recovery by you.

Delivery service from Monday to Friday from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm (physical return or by “scan”). For the physical returns, 3 possible times :

  • Normal 24h00
  • Urgent 12h00 working hours
  • Extremely urgent 6h00 working hours

The service always includes the removal of the box or the document, the placement of a physical exit indicator as well as in the software, the delivery, the return after consultation, the restocking and the removal of the exit indicators.

No need for a physical return? Digitalize your documents! We send you your documents in digital format within the same time frame as mentioned above.


40 years of experience

International competences

Complete flexibility

Full range of services

Excellent infrastructures

It is up to archives conseil to adapt to the client and not for the client to alter its working methods

Jacques A. Simon

founder of Archives Conseil

8 protection areas

8 storage sites located in and around Brussels.
This guarantees that your documents are stored as close as possible to your offices.

Sites adapted to the conservation of all types of archives, regardless of the container.
Municipal boxes, removal boxes, square boxes, with or without lids, etc.

State-of-the-art technology & all protected by an anti-intrusion system.
Our centres are protected against fire by smoke detectors, heat detectors, fire extinguishers and hydrants. All our premises are monitored for humidity and heat. Structures, anti-intrusion systems and fire systems are regularly tested and verified by an external company to ensure complete objectivity.

Different storage methods

Choice of pallet or shelf storage method.

Choice of enclosed or locked storage areas.

No minimum or maximum stock to outsource your documents. If you only have one box, you get the same service and attention as if you had 1000 boxes.

Various archiving services

Document management
Physical paper archiving
Digital Archiving
Archive management and storage
Document storage, archiving and sorting

Well-functioning outsourcing procedure

Collection from your premises or deposit of the archives by you in our logistics centres. In both cases you will receive a pick-up receipt from our warehouse staff. This is the first step in tracing your box.

(Optional) inventory of the contents with transcription of the latter in Excel. The exact contents of the box are noted on a list which can then be converted into an Excel version for easier retrieval. If you carry out this step yourself, you will receive a free start-up and advice from our specialists. This inventory phase is essential because it makes it easier to find your documents.

Putting a unique identification number on the box. The number applied to the box and recorded in the inventory is unique for each box. It usually consists of a year, a service number and a part number. This is the most common nomenclature, but our system is very flexible and can be adapted to any nomenclature, whether it is 100% numeric, 100% alphabetic or a mix of alphanumeric. Our system is so flexible that if your boxes already have their own identification, we can follow it and stock your boxes without having to change your system or your habits. Moreover, we put your unique customer number on your boxes.

Coding of the box in our computer system. When your box is in stock, our warehouse staff will integrate it into our software. This software manages our stock and allows us to know at any time the number of boxes that belong to you, whether they are in stock or being consulted at your premises or at a third party’s (accountant, branch, etc.). This is the third security for tracking your documents.

Store your box in the storage area dedicated to your business. Once all the steps are completed, your box is taken to your storage facility. It is important to know that we work with “SHA’s”, which stands for “Dedicated Storage Areas”. This means that we assign an area to your stock and all your boxes stay together.



Destruction of documents

Whether your request is based on a "One shot" collection or on the basis of a regular passage, we are at your disposal.

Digitisation of documents

Experienced and competent, we scan all types of documents.

Recycling of computer equipment

Our teams are responsible for dismantling and destroying your computer equipment.

Recycling and destruction of office equipment

Our teams take care of the recycling and destruction of your office equipment.

Paper shredder rental

Destroy your documents with our paper shredders available for rent.

Storage of materials and goods

Individual or professional, store your equipment or goods at Archives Conseil.