How and in what cases should archives be destroyed?

Whether you are at the head of a large company, doctor, HR, mechanic or even a private individual, the secure destruction of confidential papers is a precautionary principle to be observed. Dumpster diving remains the main source of information for identity thieves, industrial spies and hackers. The destruction of your archives and your confidential papers is therefore a crucial condition for your security. Do not neglect it. In addition to these basic security reasons, the destruction of your archives and other professional papers will allow you to save storage space. Is the legal deadline for keeping your archives respected? Do not store them unnecessarily.

Is having a professional paper shredder a good solution?

Depending on the volume of business papers and how often you need to shred them, a business paper shredder may be a good investment for your business. Note, however, that the use of such a machine cannot be improvised. It involves training your staff (or a designated person) in its operation, as well as the implementation of a recycling strategy for the waste produced.

Can I outsource the destruction of my confidential archives?

Yes. Whether you are an individual or a business, you can call on a professional archives management company such as Archives Conseil. We destroy your confidential documents securely and professionally.

What is the procedure for destroying confidential papers?

  • Upstream of the destruction, we provide you with collection equipment such as sealed wheeled containers or secure sorting consoles.
  • Once these collection containers are filled (or according to the agreed timeframe), we schedule a visit and our drivers transport the confidential documents to be destroyed to our processing center.
    When the documents are in stock at our premises, we shred them, compact them and recycle them in compliance with European recycling standards but only with the customer’s approval.
  • Were your confidential documents to be destroyed already stored on our premises? We destroy them according to the same procedure once their legal retention periods have expired.
  • A certificate of destruction of archives is given to you at the end of the procedure. This document confirms that your confidential documents have been destroyed in compliance with the GDPR and other applicable standards.

Our prices for the destruction of your archives will depend on the frequency of your request (one-off or repeated) and the volume of confidential archives to be destroyed. Contact us to find out the price of document destruction, whether you are a professional or an individual.

Benefit from our advice on secure destruction of archives

Do you want more advice, tips, and tricks for the destruction of your professional or private confidential papers or do you want more information on outsourcing this destruction and our prices? We are at your entire disposal to answer all your questions.